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Bicester Technology Studio is a new school offering a new approach to learning.

Bicester Technology Studio opened in September 2016. It admits up to 310 boys and girls aged 14 to 19 living in the catchment area.

Bicester Technology Studio specialises in business and engineering, alongside a broad and balanced curriculum. It benefits from the support of local employers and industry partners.

Bicester Technology Studio aims to train tomorrow’s business leaders and technological innovators, equipping young people with the skills and confidence they need to shape the future of their local communities and beyond. We want to contribute to the prosperity of the town by developing well-skilled young technicians to underpin the growth of the high technology and green economy industries in and around north Oxfordshire.

 Ten key facts about Bicester Technology Studio

  1. Opened in September 2016 from new, purpose-built facilities in Bicester
  2. Offering 110 places for boys and girls in Year 10 and Year 12 from 2016, growing to 310 students aged 14 to 19 in the future
  3. Offering core GCSEs and A-levels alongside specialisms in business and engineering
  4. A curriculum focused on practical learning and problem solving, developed in partnership with leading local employers
  5. Focus on work experience and coaching
  6. No fees and no entrance tests for Year 10
  7. A regional catchment area spanning approximately 15 miles
  8. Key stage 4 (Years 10 and 11) curriculum – core GCSEs and options including additional GCSEs and BTEC qualifications
  9. Key Stage 5 (Years 12 and 13) options – A-levels, BTEC qualifications, specialist learning and a strong emphasis on leadership and employability skills
  10. Clear progression for all students into higher education, employment and apprenticeships

What our applicants and their parents are saying

  • bicester-tech-studio-images-16-of-182“I look forward to learning through enterprise projects and the real life practical work offered by BTS”
  • “I am excited by the idea of the projects and getting to work alongside industry partners as it will give me the skills I need to move forward with a career in Business Logistics”
  • “I want to be an architect after university. And I think this school will help me prepare for the university. Also, I will have a better chance to get a job in this industry with the companies you are working with”
  • “I am applying to BTS because of the working/teaching style and ethos. Small classroom sizes and real life experience taught in a classroom setting. Individual mentoring to support students to help them develop and achieve personal goals”
  • “We came to the Open Evening and are very excited about the prospect of ‘practical learning’. We feel this learning approach would be ideal for our son who has been ‘creating/inventing’ in his own shed in the garden for some years! The small year size and hands-on work experience would suit him.”
  • “I am impressed by what I have read about BTS and I am keen to explore this opportunity for my son. The ultimate aim for any child is to grow in a stimulating and challenging environment and learn skills in order to prepare for working life – BTS seems to be able to offer this”