Students at Bicester Technology Studio benefit from a more personalised approach to learning than they would have in a larger traditional school.

Here are some key facts about our curriculum:

  • bicester-tech-studio-images-31-of-182There are no tests required for 14 year olds to be accepted into Bicester Technology Studio
  • No more than 310 students will be accepted, to ensure that the ratio of teachers to students remains low
  • The school day typically runs from 8.30am to 5pm, except on Fridays when classes finish at 3.30pm
  • BTS uses a flexible calendar for holiday bookings for both students and staff to replicate normal practice for holidays in industry. The calendar comprises term times closely matching with those of other local schools, during which staff and students must have full attendance. Outside those times, students may book holidays in the same periods by agreement with their work placement manager and personal coach.
  • Bicester Technology Studio offers a strong pastoral care system, allowing each student to be known and developed by every member of staff because classes are not overcrowded
  • There is a broad general curriculum on offer at Key Stage 4. Core subjects of English, maths and science are taught alongside demanding and interesting science or engineering projects
  • The curriculum content is determined and shaped through the partnership of employers and universities and developed in line with Government requirements
  • All students also study a foreign language related to their technical curriculum experience, and work experience forms a central element of the curriculum

Bicester Technology Studio could be the right place for you if you want to:


  • Learn more about business and engineering
  • Gain specialist skills and knowledge relevant for today’s high-tech industries but still keep more general options open
  • Be sure of a route into higher education, further education, employment and apprenticeships – whichever your chosen path
  • Move from a secondary school because you are ready for exciting, real-world learning
  • Study in a professional work-like environment
  • Complete assignments during the day leaving you with spare time to pursue other interests
  • Take responsibility for your learning
  • Learn in a relatively small school and enjoy lots of individual attention
  • Develop wider all round interests such as in sport, music, art or languages