New staff join the team!

We have three new members of staff joining the BTS team – here is a little about each of them…

Steve Christie

Teacher of Science, Engineering and Product Design

I am now in my fifth and hopefully final career, having spent most of the past 30 years since graduation working in the Electronics industry; firstly as a Design Engineer of recording studio equipment, then moving into sales and marketing of electronic components for the bulk of my career. I then left the electronics industry to fulfil a dream of building my own house and then setting up my own business, designing and constructing low-energy garden buildings.

Outside of teaching I play an active part in the local drama group “The Quaintwood Players” and I am leader of the local Explorer Scout group.

Maclean Ndawana

Teacher of Mathematics and Engineering

I hold a PhD in mathematical physics from the University of Warwick. I have been a teacher in FE for over ten years.

I enjoy reading, science and mathematical books.  My favourite numbers are the square-root of negative one and the mersenne primes.  I am curious about patterns in nature (fractal geometry) and I love teaching mathematics.

Rebecca Garvin-Elliott

Head of Communications Faculty and Teacher of English 

I have been teaching English for 17 years and I am preparing to start studying for my Masters Degree in English Literature by reading some Greek Tragedies.