Real Town Tour: BTS students have their own Bicester vision

This term, Year 10 BTS students have been working on an exciting project with Real Town Tours, building their own self-guided tour of Bicester.

Real Town Tours is a self-guided mobile tour app, providing useful town information including transport and parking information, historical information about key locations, weather information, quizzes and more.

Real Towns founder Shaun Fagan worked with BTS Director of Business Engagement Steph McNeil to establish a collaborative project that students could get involved with. Students were introduced to Real Towns’ mobile app development team before visiting various locations around the town to gather photos and information for the app.

After completing the project, the students said: “As a class, we have learned the important skill of research, and how to bring our research together to form a product which can be used in the real world. Our teamwork and research skills have definitely been improved.”

Steph McNeil commented: “Students have learnt how to research and work on professional live documents and also discovered genuine responsibility. This has challenged them to develop the community App which has a quality that far exceeds our expectations.”

On the app the students explain, in their own words, what’s special about their town, and what they’ve learned during their collaborative work on the Real Towns project. Steph McNeil was delighted with the students’ achievements and the tour result: “Parents, students and I have found ourselves getting quite emotional with the end result. We as a school cannot thank the team at Real Town Tours enough for all their hard work and dedication to our students. It is a partnership that we are extremely proud to have forged and look forward to exploring new avenues in the future.”

Patrick Briscoe, Real Towns Content Director, said: “Working with the students from BTS on the Bicester town walk gave us a different perspective on what’s important to young people in the places they live and learn. Most people know Bicester for its world famous shopping tours, but the town also has an intriguing history. We hope this tour enables more people to enjoy everything Bicester has to offer to visitors and we’re pleased the students from Bicester have played a part in that.”

For more information about the project, take a look at Real Towns’ blog.

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