Science students involved in range of exciting activities this month

Here are some of the exciting activities that have taken place over the past month…

Science students visit Harwell Science & Innovation Campus 

A group of keen science students were taken to Harwell Science & Innovation Campus near Oxford to attend a lecture about some new methods being developed for the early detection of cancer cells in humans. Our students were given the opportunity, while there, to see the world using an infra-red camera.


Meteorite Samples 

We were also lucky enough to be loaned some samples of meteorites which have been collected after having fallen to Earth from space. Our students were each given the opportunity to look at and handle these samples, along with children from some of our local primary schools. Among these was also a collection of samples of the actual moon: rocks taken from the US moon landings of the 1970s.

Visualising Sound

Finally, we had some visitors from Oxford University to help us demonstrate some techniques for visualising sound waves using a Rubens Tube.

This shows the regions of gas compression/rarefaction as sound from a loudspeaker is passed along the tube, by igniting a supply of methane which escapes from tiny perforations along the top.

Visit our Facebook page to see the video of this!

We look forward to many more organised demonstrations and excursions in the new academic year.




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