Students named as charity’s top fundraisers

Business students from Bicester Technology Studio (BTS) have been presented with an award by Katharine House Hospice following a fundraising challenge.

The Kärcher Accumulator Challenge, which started in September, required students to raise as much money as they could using a £50 donation from Kärcher UK to get them started.

BTS students organised a range of fundraising activities over the last few months. Year 10 students did a sponsored cycle, covering the distance from Bicester to Paris, and Year 12 students put together a selection of hampers to sell at Bicester Market before Christmas.

To complete the challenge, students worked together to organise a “Techno Night at the Races” with help from teacher, Steph McNeil. Parents, staff, employer partners and other members of the public were invited to the event, which offered cheese and wine, a cash bar, an organised “night at the races”, a raffle and virtual reality equipment to try.

In total, the students’ fundraising activities resulted in over £1,200 being raised for Katharine House Hospice. This led to BTS being presented with an award for the most amount of money raised out of all groups who took part in the challenge this year, which they received at the awards ceremony on Monday 13 March.

Steph McNeil said: “I have been a big supporter of this initiative for a while as I believe it presents a fantastic opportunity for business students. Not only does it teach them a wide range of relevant skills, but it also gives them the chance to raise money for a highly valuable cause. Although there was an element of competition in the process, it was important to remind ourselves that Katharine House Hospice was the real winner at the end. I am proud of our students for the high level of commitment they showed throughout the challenge and I look forward to running it again next year.”

Moira Logie, head of fundraising at Katharine House Hospice, said: “We are absolutely delighted that Steph and the terrific students from Bicester Technology Studio did so well in this year’s Kärcher Accumulator Challenge. It is wonderful to work with young people who are so full of ideas and get up and go. We look forward to working with Bicester Technology Studio on next year’s challenge.”