Students visit St David’s Barracks

On 13 March, students from Years 11, 12 and 13 spent the day at St David’s Barracks in Ambrosden, where they learnt all about Army life and culture.

The students had the opportunity to look at some of the Army vehicles and hear about when and why they are used, and in what circumstances.

For lunch, students and staff got to experience an Army ration box. They enjoyed trying all the different foods, and learning how to cook it all. The students also learnt about camouflage and got the opportunity to camouflage each other; albeit a serious exercise in the army, they had fun doing it as part of the visit!

Year 11 students Jack and Charlie share their experiences on the day:

“It was great fun and a really interesting day. We learnt about their lifestyle, how much leave they get, their pay…etc and we also got to try the ration packs which were really nice. It was good to get an insight into life in the Army first-hand.” Jack, Year 11

“I really enjoyed the trip and in particular, seeing all of the Army vehicles and trucks. I had pictured the Army lifestyle being heavily discipline focused – which it is, to an extent – but it is also about making connections.” Charlie, Year 11

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