The BTS Discussion/Debating Society

June will see the launch of the Bicester Technology Studio Discussion/Debating Society.

Students have been selected to take part in a weekly Friday BTS DD Society. Topics up for discussion/debating include:

  • Do police belong in schools?
  • Should you change the way you dress because of what other people might think?
  • Is peer pressure harmful or useful?
  • Creationism vs Christianity
  • Space travel should be banned?
  • What is the harm in hunting?

This hopes to open up a dialog between students to discuss the topics that are regularly debated in society.

REMINDER: It is not too late to apply for September 2019! We will be taking applications for Year 10 and Year 12 throughout the year directly through the Admissions page on our website. Our next Open Event is on Tuesday 13 November, 5.30-7pm. Register now!