We are a brand new state-funded school in Bicester, working with a network of employer partners who are determined that our students are ready to thrive in local and global growth industries.  In addition to a high quality academic learning, we ensure that students gain valuable transferable skills, build resilience and real-world experience.

Bicester Technology School is passionate about education and improving the life chances for all of our students.

We provide education with an insight into industry and commerce and take students beyond the classroom and into the workplace to kick-start their careers.

Our ethos is to develop ambition, determination and excellence. Over time these form a habit in our students that makes them more effective, whether this is applied to learning, personal development, or academic and professional outcomes.


We are focused on preparing ambitious students for success. Our learners join us with a desire to engage with our technology and enterprise-focused curriculum and are given extensive opportunities to work with our employer partners, including in long-term industry placements.


Students strive to continually develop themselves and the quality of their work, their learning skills and their professional attributes.


We ask that students fully engage with everything that we offer.

Our pledge is to provide every student who successfully completes their studies at Bicester Technology Studio with the opportunity to progress on to one of the following:

  • further education
  • higher education
  • an apprenticeship
  • a relevant employment opportunity

Culture and Ethos at Bicester Technology Studio is built around positive relationships with all stakeholders and are the responsibility of every member of staff, with three core principles: ready, respectful, safe. These are designed to prepare students for successful employment and will feed into the ‘employability’ model.

We work hard to “catch the students getting it right” to promote a positive learning culture, encourage them to act in a professional manner and make a positive contribution to the school.