Woodlands trip

Woodlands review – By Stuart Dann, Tushaar Davies, Jamie Durow, Brandon Lamont

Day 1 was the day where lots of people faced a fear of heights as we took on a large climbing wall and a high ropes course. It was so much fun setting new limits and testing our boundaries as well as a host of trivial evening activities.

Day 2 consisted of canoeing and orienteering; these 2 activities included a large amount of intense teamwork and helped us learn about our peers. This enhanced the rest of the trip as we could trust each other more, breaking down lots of barriers.

Day 3 was caving day and it was tight figuratively and literally. The letter box was very small and smaller than we thought it would be and we went to the corkscrew which was so difficult to do. Some almost gave up but we persisted and managed to do it.

Day 4 was a difficult day for many people as it consisted of a great challenge, climbing one of the Black Mountains, but even though many people found it very tough to overcome; it was easier as the instructors encouraged us and understood our limits! By the end of the day we had all done something we were proud of, and by the end of the week we were all extremely grateful for such a unique experience! We encourage anyone who has the opportunity to visit woodlands, to take the opportunity – it’s definitely worth it.

Tushaar Davies –  “From the moment I put my hand up to go to Woodlands I was filled with a anxious excitement, I am not used to doing teamwork activities and personally I worry a lot.  Yet when I arrived I felt at home, the instructors were patient, entertaining and kind; not only this but I always felt safe. The whole trip was extremely lively and I learnt a huge amount!”

Brandon Lamont – “It’s the best week away with school I’ve had in a long time. So much fun, I’d definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a good time.”

Stewi – When I was in Year 6, my mum did not trust the school to keep me safe when the school said that they were planning a trip. The trip to Woodlands let me go to a place I have always wanted to go and have fun. This was very sentimental to me and I finally experienced it for real.

Jamie Durow – I thought it was really great to have fun with school friends in a casual but professional atmosphere, and it brought friends closer together.


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