Students at BTS complete regular work experience placements, up to once per week throughout the school year.

We are currently looking to work with local employers who would be interested in taking on students from year 11 to year 13 for work experience placements from September 2018.  This is an exciting opportunity for both students and employers and enables the students to gain valuable experience and skills in the workplace.

If you would be interested in working with us and would like some more information, please contact

Take a look at some examples of the placements our Year 12 students have been on so far…

Victoria, BMW MINI Plant Oxford

“It made me more seriously consider engineering as an option for my future because I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. I think work experience is always useful to do to give you a good idea of what the working world is like and to help you decide what you do and don’t like.”

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Zeb, Banks Design Architects

“The company I’m doing my weekly work experience placement with liked that I’m going to a school that’s trying to make me work-ready. I told them about things like the longer day, wearing suits and being able to do work experience once a week, and this helped me get the placement in the first place.”

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Kate, John Radcliffe Hospital

“To apply for the university course I want to do, they ask for work experience in a hospital so it’s definitely useful for me. Because I get to go every Wednesday, that should look really good on my application because in most schools you don’t get to do as much work experience as that. I want to go back and do it again next year so I can actually go into theatre to watch operations, which I think will be really interesting.”

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Shev, Michael Kors

“Retail is very quick-paced and high pressure, which I knew would be great for getting good experience and building my confidence. In this placement, I get to experience different departments in the back office so I can see everything that goes on behind the scenes, which is very interesting.”

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Georgia, Espresso Architecture

“It’s helping me to confirm that architecture is what I’m interested in for the future. I’m also learning good skills that I can use in a variety of places if I don’t end up going down that route, which is really useful.

“Work experience is a big thing for this school and a lot of others don’t offer it, so if anyone wants to go into a job that’s a bit more practical or related to business or engineering then this is a great option, because the work experience placements are really useful.”

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