Where are you completing your work experience and when did you start?

“I’m completing it at Espresso Architecture, and I started in November.”

Why did this company appeal to you as somewhere to get work experience?

“They’re quite a small company, which meant I knew I’d be getting good experience. I knew I was interested in architecture and had some backup choices of other places I could apply to, but this one was my top choice.”

Did you have to go through an application process before you got your placement?

“My teacher arranged a meeting between me and the owner, so I met with him and spoke to him about the subjects I take at school, what I wanted to get out of the work experience and the kinds of things I would be doing. He then told the school that they’d be happy to take me on, so I got started.”

What are the main tasks and responsibilities you have when you’re at the company?

“Most of the time I’m in the office doing CAD drawings or 3D drawings on Sketchup based on briefs they give me, or I go out to meetings with clients and to buildings to do surveys.”

What’s been the most enjoyable thing you’ve done there so far?

“Probably the CAD drawings, which is my backup option for my future – if I can’t get into university to do architecture, I’d like to go on a CAD course and do that instead. I’ve got a very visual mind and being able to draw things and see what I’m doing in that way really appeals to me.”

Why do you think it’s useful being able to do work experience like this?

“Mainly to confirm whether or not it’s something I’d like to pursue in the future – I don’t want to go to university and go through the course without being sure that it’s something I’m interested in. It helps you to develop new skills, learn new things and gives you something extra for your CV, which is always useful.”

Has being at BTS helped you to do well in your work experience? If so, how?

“They gave me the opportunity to do it in the first place which was really helpful. It’s also helped a lot with my confidence because I’m not naturally a confident person. I had the same friendship circle for a long time from a very young age, so to step out of that and come here knowing just one person was a big step and really improved my confidence, which is important for the workplace.”

How do you feel your work experience is helping to prepare you for the future?

“It’s helping me to confirm that architecture is what I’m interested in for the future. I’m also learning good skills that I can use in a variety of places if I don’t end up going down that route, which is really useful.

“Work experience is a big thing for this school and a lot of others don’t offer it, so if anyone wants to go into a job that’s a bit more practical or related to business or engineering then this is a great option, because the work experience placements are really useful.”