Where are you completing your work experience and when did you start?

“I’m completing it at Michael Kors in Bicester Village, and I started in December.”

Why did this company appeal to you as somewhere to get work experience?

“Retail is very quick-paced and high pressure, which I knew would be great for getting good experience and building my confidence. In this placement, I get to experience different departments in the back office so I can see everything that goes on behind the scenes, which is very interesting.”

Did you have to go through an application process before you got your placement?

“I had to hand in a letter of confirmation from the school and had a formal interview which went well.  The whole process was quite straightforward.”

What are the main tasks and responsibilities you have when you’re at the company?

“I look at the targets of the business and see what we hit the previous weekend, then talk about how we can better that. I do a lot of admin work, and I get to see the results and conversion rates of emails and promotions we’ve sent customers via the CRM where all their information is stored. One week, I helped design a “spend and save” promotion as they asked me for my suggestions.”

What’s been the most enjoyable thing you’ve done there so far?

“Getting an insight into the business side and how much money the company makes has been really interesting and eye-opening. They listen to my ideas which is good.”

Why do you think it’s useful being able to do work experience like this?

“It gives a good insight into what it’s like to work in the real world. Even if I don’t end up going into retail, it’s an eye-opener and it helps me to really understand how a business works. It’s good to be able to see in real life what we’re learning about in school.”

Has being at BTS helped you to do well in your work experience? If so, how?

“I’ve been able to see how useful my learning in subjects like Maths is in the real world. I’ve seen lots of examples of how things I’ve been taught can be applied in the workplace.

“The independence that we get here helps prepare us for work as well – I’m more confident and use my initiative rather than always having to ask for help or rely on others.”

How do you feel your work experience is helping to prepare you for the future?

“It’s teaching me good people skills and how to apply skills I’ve learnt at school to the real world.”

Has your work experience helped to confirm or alter your plans for the future? If so, how?

“I used to want to go into architecture, but this has made me think about things differently – I’ve realised I think I’d enjoy accountancy or something like that, because I’d like to be able to use my Maths skills more and an office job appeals to me.”