Where are you completing your work experience and when did you start?

“I was at BMW MINI Plant Oxford for a week in February.”

Why did this company appeal to you as somewhere to get work experience?

“It was engineering-based, which is what I’m interested in as a subject, but I’m also interested in business and they offer some business apprenticeships as well so it was a good opportunity to explore both options.”

Did you have to go through an application process before you got your placement?

“I had to fill out a form saying the areas I was interested in and what kind of experience I wanted at the company and I was then assigned a placement based on my areas of interest.”

What are the main tasks and responsibilities you have when you’re at the company?

“I was in the paint shop, mainly shadowing people who were looking after robots putting together cars and things like that, which was really interesting. There were lots of things that I saw that I didn’t know existed, so it was a great experience.”

What’s been the most enjoyable thing you’ve done there so far?

“At the end of the week we got a tour of the whole plant and we got to see all of the robots putting together the cars, which was really interesting.”

Why do you think it’s useful being able to do work experience like this?

“Rather than just being sat in a classroom and being told what work is going to be like, you get to see yourself and understand certain things that you wouldn’t understand without seeing it happening.”

Has being at BTS helped you to do well in your work experience? If so, how?

“Yes, mainly in terms of being told things you should consider when on work experience, and my engineering knowledge which I didn’t have from my previous school. My confidence has also improved since coming here because we talk to companies all the time, so that’s really helpful because we get used to it and then have more confidence in the workplace.”

How do you feel your work experience is helping to prepare you for the future?

“It made me more seriously consider engineering as an option for my future because I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. I think work experience is always useful to do to give you a good idea of what the working world is like and to help you decide what you do and don’t like.”

Has your work experience helped to confirm or alter your plans for the future? If so, how?

“I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do before and was leaning more towards going down the business route, which I still may do but it’s made me think a bit harder about engineering. I plan to do another work experience placement in either engineering or business to help me work out for sure which path I want to take.”