Where are you completing your work experience and when did you start?

“I’m completing it at an Architecture firm called Banks Design, based in Chesterton. I was one of the first ones to start because I found the placement myself and started in October. They weren’t partnered with the school then so I helped set that up.”

Why did this company appeal to you as somewhere to get work experience?

“I searched for local architects and called everywhere – I went to a few interviews, but this company seemed the best so I went with them. They were offering me the most useful and relevant work to do with architecture.”

Did you have to go through an application process before you got your placement?

“I called them up to ask if they had anything available and they scheduled an interview with me. They used to take people on for work experience placements but then stopped, and it was  the fact that I go to BTS that interested them and made them take me on as they liked the idea of me being able to work with them once a week.”

What are the main tasks and responsibilities you have when you’re at the company?

“They set me projects to do, for example to design a house for someone important, then on Sketchup or Project CAD I have to do a plan of the house. A couple of times I’ve also gone off-site to help people do surveys of buildings.”

What’s been the most enjoyable thing you’ve done there so far?

“Creating 3D models using Sketchup. I can picture things in my mind but it’s great to be able to transfer what’s in my imagination to a computer. More recently we’ve started using Sketchup at school as well, so learning how to use it at work has helped me get the hang of it quickly in my Maths lessons.”

Why do you think it’s useful being able to do work experience like this?

“Getting to know whether or not it’s something you’d like to do in future – I wasn’t sure whether or not I wanted to go into architecture, but now I know that that’s what I’d like to do. Also, when I’m applying for places at universities, this experience will help set me apart from other applicants.”

Has being at BTS helped you to do well in your work experience? If so, how?

“The company I’m doing my weekly work experience placement with liked that I’m going to a school that’s trying to make me work-ready. I told them about things like the longer day, wearing suits and being able to do work experience once a week, and this helped me get the placement in the first place.

“My confidence has also improved since coming to this school which helped me when trying to find a work experience placement for myself.”

How do you feel your work experience is helping to prepare you for the future?

“I now know that it’s a job I want to go into, so it’s helping me to know what I need to do to get where I want to go in the future. It also helps me to get used to the working environment.”

Has your work experience helped to confirm or alter your plans for the future? If so, how?

“It’s confirmed that I want to go to into architecture, so hopefully this experience will help me stand out as I prepare for going to university.”