Year 10s make an uplifting start

On 5 September we were delighted to welcome a full cohort of new Year 10 students, who got stuck straight into their first project of the year.

The Year 10 students were tasked with planning, designing, costing and marketing a new tent. At the end of each day, all groups presented their work and explained what they had achieved and how they were going to improve. Finally, at the culmination of the project, each group produced a three-minute presentation to market their product to the rest of the school.

Assistant Principal James Kyberd commented: “It was fantastic to see the Year 10 students all getting involved with their first project straight away. It offered them the first opportunity to see just how different BTS will be for them and how they have to step up and work with others to progress.”

All staff, both new and existing, commented on how well students stepped up to the challenge and we are really looking forward to seeing this cohort develop over the next two years.